Our Services

  • Valeting Service


    A very popular service used all year round, whether it’s pre/post winter-summer-school holidays or just giving your vehicle a very thorough clean.
    This service will not leave a thing unwashed or polished.
    Our hand applied polish with high grade wax mix will not fail to impress whilst giving your vehicle...

  • Vehicle Enhancement Detail


    A fantastic service for bringing your paintwork back to life and leaving a deep, wet look appearance.

    Detail consists of a 2 stage machine polish to remove 70-80% of paint issues and a suitable wax/sealant.
    This is not a full correction service!

  • New Car Paint Protection


    Most Dealerships will offer a paint protection when purchasing a new car.
    Unfortunately these are often very costly
    and poorly applied due to a lack of training.

    We have been applying paint protection systems for many years and
    are called in by some dealerships to perform this for...

  • New Car Detail / protection


    It’s an unfortunate fact that more and more new cars are
    Leaving dealerships with paint defects (swirls and minor scratches).
    Along with contamination and iron fallout due to shipping and commercial car storage.
    It is simply a waste of time trying to apply any paint protection system until all these...

  • Headlight Correction Service


    Foggy and oxidized headlights are a trait of manufactures using plastic instead of glass.

    The yellowing, cloudy effect is caused by the polycarbonate lens being broken down by ultra violet (UV) radiation damage.

    Not only does this look unsightly but it does affect the light beam and over time will become...

  • Corporate Services


    Contact us about our corporate service.

  • Classic car service


    A very popular service within the classic car arena.
    Whether its for summer shows, winter storage it the end process of an renovation.
    All our classic products have been specially designed for the older more fragile paints.
    This includes the products for the interiors, from vintage leather cream cleaner to...

  • Lease/Mobility car return service


    When returning a lease or Mobility vehicle your deposit or agreed charges are at risk, due to smoke smell, seat stains, minor scratches or just not being clean enough.

    We know what these companies look for when taking back a vehicle,
    and will completely prepare your vehicle for the handover.

    If the...

  • New Motorhome & caravan paint protection sealant


    It’s in the Motorhome and caravan services that we bring our vast knowledge from the Boat and Marine industry, from working on GRP to knowing which chemicals are suited to the many different materials used on the construction of Motorhomes and Caravans.
    We use pressure washer nozzles...

  • Soft top cleaning and re-sealing


    When soft tops are new they come ready treated to repeal water and contaminants
    Such as tree saps, bird lime and salt.
    Over time with exposure to the elements this barrier will deteriorate and leave the hood
    Open to fading and staining.

    Our soft top service will completely clean your soft top and...