New Car Paint Protection

Most Dealerships will offer a paint protection when purchasing a new car.
Unfortunately these are often very costly
and poorly applied due to a lack of training.

We have been applying paint protection systems for many years and
are called in by some dealerships to perform this for their
Discerning customers.
The paint protection systems we offer provide a 2 to 5 year protection
For your paintwork depending on the system applied.

  • Alloy wheel cleaner brushed into wheels
  • Our non-caustic de-greaser applied to paintwork
  • Exterior pressure washes down including arches, door shuts & fuel flaps
  • Our non-caustic soak applied to paintwork
  • Complete exterior hand wash using detailer mits
  • Exterior pressure washes down
  • Detail dry using detailer’s towels
  • Chemical wipe down
  • Protection applied to paintwork/wheels
  • Complete vacuum – seats, carpets, mats & boot area
  • Hand brush to console, dash vents & switches
  • Dashboard & interior dress
  • Fabric protection applied
  • Interior/Exterior glass wear treated
  • Tyres treated